Writing an essay


Writing an essay can be quite a dreaded task for students unless they are guided by an online service provider having a team of dedicated professional essay writers. Whether it is for an essay writing competition or a contest or simply for homework purposes, essays can be overwhelming for kids. To make this task easier, here are 10 simple and easy steps that will make your essay writing process more fun and exciting.

Read sample essay

Before writing an essay, make sure to always go through another sample essay to comprehend how to write one. Read well to write better.

Choose a topic

Either a topic may be assigned to you or you may have to choose a topic for yourself. Whatever topic it may be, read well about it so that you have a glimpse of what you plan to write.

Make an outline

Once you read well, prepare an outline so you would know what content you need to include and what you need to eliminate.

Read a sample outline to get an idea

A sample outline could be:

1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Conclusion

Write down your thesis

This part includes two parts, the first will be about the topic and the second will be the point of the topic.

Write the body of the topic

The body explains the details of your topic. This is the most comprehensive part of the essay. Each main topic that you decided to include will be explained here in detail. Make sure you summarize it well.

Write the introduction of the topic

Now that you have your thesis and well as the body of the essay ready, you can plan in the introduction. Keep it minimal and engaging. The introduction must gain the attention of your readers and keep them hooked. You could include facts or discoveries here.

Write the conclusion of the topic

Now comes the part where you bring closure and give an overall idea of the topic. Give your opinion on the same. Provide strong sentences here to offer justice to your thesis.

Add final touching

If you feel your essay is complete, you are wrong. You need to check if all the paragraphs are in the correct order. Your introduction and conclusion statements are important. Make sure they go with the flow and are not all over the place. For e.g., if you are writing an essay about making something, ensure the introduction, body, and conclusions are in the proper order. Review your essay or get it reviewed online. Today there are many professional essay writers who can quickly review your work.

Check for grammatical errors

Read your essay and check for correct English and proper grammar. Check for any grammatical mistakes using online tools such as Grammarly.

Here you are done. Essay writing could be simple, if you make sure you follow these steps to have an easy essay writing experience.